Tis’ The Season! Wooden Boat News

Posted on Nov 23, 2016

The staff at Delavan Lake Boat Shed hope you have all had a wonderful summer boating season with fun in the sun.

Now, we are all feeling the weather changes that go along with the winter season upon us.  While you are staying inside warm with the nasty weather outside, memories of riding on the lake in your boat with the warm breeze blowing at you, are becoming a distant thought.

Many folks don’t realize winter, yes now, is the best time of year for taking care of your wooden boat refinishing &/or restoration needs.  Wooden boats need maintenance with new varnish applications.  Typically, the varnish should be re-applied every 3-5 years, depending on the actual type/brand of varnish that was applied to your wooden boat, as well as the process that was completed and how many layers.

Each fall the boat’s wood, varnish, seams, chine, keel, ribs, transom and many other areas should be examined by a professional expert in restoration/refinishing, to determine the status and needs (if any) of the boat.  Wood swells & contracts with water saturation of the boat either from being soaked prior to use or just being in the water.  During the process of water saturation, the wood cells can slowly be damaged from the natural compression process.  Planks can become loose, gaps begin to occur collecting dirt and debris with the slow process of further issues arising.  Therefore, regular inspection is necessary to keep your wooden boat in top form.

At Delavan Lake Boat Shed we specialize in wooden boat maintenance, restoration and refinishing for over 40 years.  Call us to make an appointment to inspect your investment.  Your boating safety is important to us.


Happy Boating!