Having trouble “retiring” your old wooden boat?

Posted on Nov 23, 2016

If your boat is no longer usable on the lake & you can’t even think about destroying it & letting it go, there are other things you can do with your boat (or someone else’s boat about to be trashed).  Instead of taking your old boat to the wood pile or leaving it in a field for the mice, have it made into something beautiful for everyone to enjoy “inside” the house.

Here is a completed idea of what our staff @ Delavan Lake Boat Shed can build from your old worn out boat, for example:

A BAR for your home

In customer's home finished.

In customer’s home finished.


This type of project can easily be made from any part of your boat as as bar, counter, desk, or whatever your imagination comes up with.  Bring us your thoughts and ideas, the staff @ Delavan Lake Boat Shed can make your dreams and ideas – reality!

Add more years to your investment and have it made into something you can continue to enjoy, at home.


Let your imagination soar…